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General Observations on Spa Design



General Observations on Spa Design

Interior design should provide a residential not institutional feeling. A simple yet effective zone keying system should be installed. A proper “signage” system should be installed for easy traffic flow. All treatment areas should be as sound proof as possible.

General Observations on Spa Design:


Non-corrosive materials should be used in all high moisture areas (Vents, ducts, drains, ceiling & wall cover). Easy to clean moisture resistant materials should be used in all high moisture areas. Consider using local materials and integrating cultural and artistic traditions

Locker / Changing / Vanity Area

• Provide for appropriate number of half size lockers (two per full size locker banks) on each side
• Provide a separate alcove with third-size lockers (two per full size locker banks) for members on each side
• Utilize movable benches or Ottomans on casters for seating by lockers
• Provide wall mounted soap, shampoo & conditioner dispensers in showers
• Provide make-up lights around vanity mirrors on women’s side
• Provide wall mounted magnified shaving mirrors at vanity on men’s side
• Provide wall mounted hair dryer units at vanities on both sides
• Provide for electrical outlets above vanities
• Flooring in locker and changing area should be carpeted, all other areas tiled

Locker Room Wet Area

• Accommodate Sauna, Steam, Whirlpool and Cold Pool (if applicable).
• Provide lounge with water proof seating near each wet area.
• Provide clothing hooks throughout area.
• Flooring should be non-slip easily cleanable tile.
• Provide for non-corrosive ventilation ducts in this area.
• Outflow of HVAC should be provided for 25 air changes per tour.
• Provide for ozone water purification system for whirlpools. (No smell).
• Provide a self-service beverage service station with sink, counter, storage cabinet, mini-fridge & ice machine.
• Provide for clean and soiled linen storage.

Spa Design Tips from The Experts

Create Texture: Use wall hangings, pillows, rugs and unique bed coverings to create texture and contrast in your spa. Locally made textiles embody a return to folkloric ideals and handmade crafts. Balance a combination of elements, such as reclaimed woods and other recyclables, textured glass, and metals such as copper and bronze.
Bring the Outdoors In: Create a sense of the outdoors indoors by using with waterfalls, bamboo, and stone. Natural elements such as calming waters and meditative gardens intrigue spa visitors as they experience the environment along with their treatments.
Don’t Forget Dramatic Doors: Pay attention to doors and entryways: they signify a “crossing-over” to a place where people can leave their everyday lives behind. “People are focusing on the client transition from the street to the spa interior,” says Clodagh. Water features, plants, and specialized lighting can liven up a plain looking door. Choose Colors that Stimulate the Senses: “Flat color is out, and color with depth and character is in,” says well-known spa architect Robert Henry. “Our design philosophy is to create environments that engage the senses. Splashes of color enliven our spirits; luxurious textures engage our touch; aromas tantalize our sense of smell. All aspects of design contribute to the overall experience and ultimately the success of a spa.”

Components of a Spa Facility

• Reception Desk and Welcome area
• Reservations and Scheduling
• Retail/Spa Boutique
• Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms
• Dry Treatment Rooms
• Wet Treatment Rooms
• European Hydro-Massage
• Treatment Showers and Baths
• Treatment Waiting Area
• Treatment Lab


• Private Relaxation/Meditation Areas
• Men’s and Women’s Wet Areas
• Common Wet Areas
• Movement Studio
• Fitness Equipment Studio
• Swimming Pools and Aquatics
• Administrative Offices
• Staff Lounge
• Storage Areas
• Laundry Room
• Spa Café and Juice Bar
• Beauty Salon

Design for Beauty Services in a Spa Environment

• Beauty-related services such as nails, hair, and make-up can be integrated into the spa environment, and some are best offered in a separate salon area.
• Floors should be of a material that is easy to clean (ie. Vinyl tile).
• Lighting should be flattering to hair and Skin.
• Include a separate small reception counter which also acts as the retail point of sale.
• Clients must be able to directly access the salon from the women’s locker room.

Design for Facial Rooms

Design Considerations

• Laundry drop directly outside of rooms, preferably dropping into chute or carts.
• Millwork for cabinets must washable.
• Provide extra sound proofing in between rooms and hallways. Equipment:
• Facial lounges: 72”x30”.
• Provide a sink.
• Provide stool on rollers, with adjustable height and back support.
•Tip: mount items like mag and infra-red lamps on walls to lessen wear and tear on equipment

Space Requirements

80-100 sq. ft. 8’x10’ or 10’x10’. (allow enough space for door to open comfortably, at the foot of table)

Location & Access

• Located in “dry” therapy area with massage rooms, or in the Beauty Salon area.
• Lounge and wait area should be within close proximity to the treatment rooms (this minimizes traffic in between treatments).

Room Set-Up:

Sink should be located behind lounge or to the side. (both hot and cold running water is necessary) sink should be located behind lounge or to the side. (both hot and cold running water is necessary)


• Linoleum or vinyl tile- floor must be non-porous, surface, smooth and washable
• Walls, Ceilings, and Doors
• Wall paper or paint.

wallpaper may separate at seems from the steamer.
• Doors must be solid and have some type of numbering or lettering for identification and an “in use” sign.


• Indirect lighting with dimmer control on wall or overhead at edge of ceiling, not directly over facial lounge.
• Task lighting at counter surface.

Tip: provide separate overhead lighting for waxing, on separate switch. room does not require daylight.


• Wall outlet at foot and sides of table.
• Counter-height outlet for sterilizer, waxing unit, essential oil diffuser. • In-house with intercom, in each room.
• Sound System: same system as for massage rooms-centrally located sound system with speakers in each room.
Tip: each room needs individual volume control knob.


Storage cabinet for professional products with locks and drawers for small tools. Countertop for small sterilizer

Design for Massage/Touch Therapy Room
Design Considerations
• Massage rooms should have a small sink and linen cabinet.
Tip: provide storage above and below sink
• Rooms need to be sound insulated.
• use lever-type hardware for door knobs (therapists have oil on their hands)
• Equipment: 72”x30” massage tables: (deep tissue tables should be 39” wide)

Tip: tables should have built-in shelves and an adjustable face cradle attached to the end of table–adding another 12” to the end of table massage table upholstery should be made from Naugahyde with a smooth surface with medium firm padding

Space Requirements:

Generally 120-140 sq. ft., room variations include: 9’x12’, 19’x12’, 10’x14’, 12’x12’ therapist requires a min 3’ work-space around the massage table

Location & Access:

Located in “dry” therapy area. Tip: should have access to laundry storage and drop off

Room Set-Up:

Sink and cabinet should be in corner at an angle in 9’x12’ rooms. Sinks should have hot and cold water


Vinyl tile, wood, or cushioned recreational surface. Tip: avoid tile, marble, or granite (too hard for the therapist to stand on)

Walls, Ceilings, and Doors:

Washable wall paper or paint. Allow doors to open comfortably. Doors need lettering or numbering and an “in use” sign or light


Indirect lighting with dimmer control on walls or overhead (not directly above massage table) windows lighting preferred with vertical, horizontal, or roman blinds.


Provide wall outlets at foot and sides of table, and a counter-height outlet for and essential oil diffuser.
Tip: In-house phone with intercom in rooms is advised in larger facilities.

Sound System:

One centrally located sound system, with speakers in each room that have an individual volume control knob.


Smaller rooms can have tables with built-in storage space for linens, towels, oils, bolsters etc. If room is too small to provide storage inside, storage directly outside room is necessary.

Designing Spa Treatment Rooms

Treatment Rooms:
A wet area treatment room should feed off of each wet area. Access to these treatment areas should be from both the men’s and women’s locker rooms through a hallway. The area should include: • Treatment tables.
• Sink.
• Counter space.
• Clean and soiled linen storage.
• Floor drain.
• Overhead showers or treatment shower.
• Infra-red heat lamps recessed into ceiling over each tables.

Dry TreatmentRooms:

• Keep treatment areas as flexible as possible. Rooms to change when program changes.
• Provide for sinks, lockable storage cabinetry, counter space with mirror above, clothing hooks on back of door, clean & soiled linen storage, electrical outlets on two side walls and above counter, floors of an easily cleanable material (ie. Vinyl tile).
• All lighting should be indirect and on rheostats.
• All treatment rooms should be as sound proof as possible.
• Provide for separate music system with individual controls.
• Provide for clothing hooks.
• Provide for “In Use” signage on all treatment room doors.
• Provide for lockable storage in each room.
• Provide for numbers or letters on doors of each room for identification.
• Balance of nature and man-made elements
•Focus on healing environment

Dry Room Treatments

• Massage
• Facial.
• Body dry brushing.
• Body masks (seaweed, herbal, paraffin, parafango) seaweed, clay, or mud body wraps (bust, back, cellulite, arms and legs) body exfoliation self-tanning application (better in wet room)
• Thermal heat treatments (blankets, packs, etc.).
• Herbal wraps.
• Sound and light machines (controlled environment therapy)
• Relaxation lounge.

Key Environmental Dimensions

Ambient Conditions
• Temperature• Air quality• Noise levels• Music• Smells/odors Space/Function• Layout• Equipment• Furnishings Signs/Symbols and Artifacts• Signage• Personal/thematic artifacts• Style of decor

Minimum Treatment Room Dimensions

The minimum dimensions for a massage room are 10′ x 12′. This will give you almost 4 feet (45 inches) on each side of the table.

Sound Systems and Lighting

Sound System:

There should be 3 separate sound systems in the facility for each of the following:

1. Public spaces–general system for majority of including weight gym.

2. Treatment rooms- strategically located system with individual controls in each room.

3. Aerobics gym – separate system housed directly in gym with cassette and CD player.


1. Consider incandescent “mood” lighting

2. Lamps and sconces should reflect theme and “soul” of property

3. Should be indirect and on rheostats throughout the building

Space Planning

Effective space planning must be a team effort. You and your management team (architect, designer, consultant and existing employees), will need to develop a facility layout that takes into consideration:

• Programs plumbing and electrical requirements.

• Environmental variables such as noise control, colors and lighting.

• Accessories and equipment requirements.

• Traffic flow for peak use.

• Ergonomics.

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Dining Room Lighting Ideas To Set The Mood



Dining Room Lighting Ideas To Set The Mood
Dining room lighting ideas with hanging lights for dining room.

Dining room lighting helps you add a sculptural element to your dining area

To make sure you and your guests always get an Instagram-worthy picture, you have to ensure the dining room lighting is just right. And that is exactly why we are here with the best dining room lighting ideas. Mirror round dining tables with round dining room light fittings and for long tables, go for linear dining room light fittings that provide uniform light across the table. Get a glimpse of the latest dining room lighting trends from this list and give your dining area an instant uplift. Make sure you maintain the standard distance of 36 inches between the dining table’s surface and the fixture.

Mason Jar Dining Room Lighting

Pendulum lights for dining rooms are often a popular choice in dining room light fittings as it’s the one place you can liberally suspend a light fixture. Pick this cluster of mason jar-shaped lights from the pendulum lights for dining room collection to give your dining area a modern look.

Mason jar pendulum lights for dining room gives the dining area a modern look with this dining room lighting

Black And White

This set of oversized, industrial-inspired dining room pendant lights in black and white will complete the black and white theme of your dining area. Since it’s always going to be above the dining table, it’ll never come in the way of movement.

Industrial-inspired dining room pendant lights in black and white will complete the black and white theme of the dining area.

Simple Glass Dining Room Lighting

Those who like to keep it simple, but not boring, will appreciate this set of glass pendulum lights for the dining room. The loop-in-loop chain suspension look makes for rustic dining room lighting.

Simple glass pendulum lights, loop-in-loop chain suspension look makes for rustic dining room lighting.

Simple Cone

In some more simple hanging lights for the dining room, there is a set of inverted cone-shaped pendulum lights for your dining room. White lights pair well with the while partition with lattice work on one side that complement each other.

Simple cone hanging lights for dining room with the white partition with lattice work on one side.

Red Black And White

Give your dining room a pop of colour without going overboard with this three-piece set of hanging lights for your dining room in solid red, black and white. This set matches perfectly with rectangle dining tables.

Hanging lights for the dining room in solid red, black and white are the perfect match for rectangle dining tables.

Lights With A Weave Pattern

When you have ornate dining room furniture, it’s best to go for a modest dining room light fitting. From the drum lights for dining room collection, this one with a simple weave pattern will be a good choice. Cylindrical in space and with a shade made from fabric it is subtle and classy.

Drum lights for the dining room with a simple weave pattern will be a good choice.

Drum In Drum Lights For Dining Room

On the other hand, simple furniture gives you the opportunity to be creative with the dining room light fittings. Go for this drum-in-drum fixture if you’re looking for drum lights for the dining room.

Modern dining room lighting ideas go with drum-in-drum lights for dining room looks creative.

Oversized Drum

The latest in drum lights for the dining room is this oversized drum light fixture which helps you make a statement in a simple dining room.

Latest dining room lighting ideas with  drum lights for the dining room is this oversized drum light fixture.

Laser Cut

Contrast a white dining table set with a black light fixture. The laser-cut pattern adds character to the otherwise solid colour dining room light fitting.

White dining table set with a black light fixture adds character to the otherwise robust colour dining room lighting.

Crystal Beads

In sophisticated drum lights for the dining room, this white drum light with crystal beads will add a touch of understated elegance to your dining room.

White drum light with crystal beads will add a touch of understated elegance to your dining room lighting.

Statement Drum

For living dining room lighting, install a statement piece to help your dining area stand out when you have a combined living and dining room.

Living-dining room cum dining area lighting ideas install a statement drum piece to help your dining area stand out.

Chandelier Lighting For Dining Room

Chandeliers never get old! Chandelier lighting for the dining room is the easiest way to up the glam of your dining area. Luxury at its best!

Classic Chandelier

Dining room crystal chandelier lighting adds effortless sophistication, especially when suspended over a simple round dining table.

Chandelier lighting for dining room with classic chandelier makes beautiful at dining area

Rustic Chandelier

When you’re looking for both chandelier lighting for your dining room and rustic style lighting this is the piece you want.

Chandelier lighting for dining room and rustic style lighting comes together

Crystals And More Crystals

There’s nothing like dining room crystal chandelier lighting to give the room a royal feel. This all-crystal piece is as luxe as it gets. Want the feels of a royal palace at home? This is your chandelier.

Crystal chandelier lighting for dining room gives your dining room room a royal feel.

Candles For A Touch Of History

For some more rustic dining room lighting ideas, check out this chandelier lighting that adds a touch of history with its candle-like bulbs. Soft glow of its bulbs brings warmth to spaces and are ideal for homes with young couples.

Rustic dining room lighting ideas by using chandelier lighting adds a touch of history with its candle-like bulbs.

Open Bulbs

For those who like the latest in everything, be it gadgets or restaurants, this contemporary dining room light fixture will help you be ahead of the times. You know it’s contemporary dining room lighting when it has an eccentric shape. The irregular sphere of this dining room light fitting surrounding open bulbs will lend a truly modern look to your dining area.

Open bulbs pendant hanging lights for dining room give a modern look to your dining area.

Bulb Cluster

This piece stands out in modern dining room light fixtures for combining a cluster of classic bulbs with a contemporary design. It’s the perfect choice for an otherwise simple dining area.

Blub cluster stands out in modern dining room lighting ideas with a contemporary design.

Glass Bubbles

Glass bubbles are the most popular design in contemporary dining room light fixtures. The branching metal framework ensures even distribution of light across a large dining table.

Glass bubbles are the most popular design in contemporary dining room light fixtures.

Twisted For Fun

Set your dining area apart with this contemporary pendant light for the dining room in a twisted design. See how the slender twirls of this light hangs so gently from above?

Glass bubbles are the most popular design in contemporary dining room light fixtures.

Wooden Lights

Wood is usually not a material that comes to mind when talking about light fixtures which is exactly why this piece in a skewed frame is the perfect choice in contemporary pendant light for your dining room.

Wooden light in a skewed frame is the perfect choice in contemporary pendant lighting for the dining room.

A Geometric Lantern

These geometric lantern light fixtures for the dining room is one of the best modern dining room lighting ideas.

Geometric lantern pendant light is one of the best modern dining room lighting ideas.


Check out these traditional dining room lighting ideas if you’re old school at heart and want your dining room to reflect your personality.

Traditional Style Lighting

This is the ideal dining room light fitting design for those of you looking for fuss-free traditional dining room lighting ideas. Its classic design offers ample illumination and matches well with a round table.

Traditional style lighting is fuss-free dining room lighting ideas and matches well with a round table.


In traditional dining room lighting ideas, this cluster of classic lampshades is a popular choice. It is classic, refined and for those who don’t want to go overboard but require a brightly lit space as well.

Want traditional style dining room lighting then classic lampshades are a popular choice.

Keep coming back to this list of fancy dining room lights every time you are tempted to do something new with your dining area. After all, changing the dining room light fittings is a convenient way to give your dining room a makeover rather than an all-out renovation.

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35 Outstanding Home Bar Ideas and Designs



Home Bar Ideas and Designs

Home bars have been part of home plans for a long time. Some homes need huge rooms for their extensive bottle collection and entertainment needs, others prefer the hidden bar designs and then there are single dweller homes with mini wall bars. Home bars do not only provide a safe and organized storage for your collection of wines and spirits, but it also helps you prepare drinks quickly, easily and efficiently by having all bar accoutrements in one place. Here are some impressive home bar ideas and designs to inspire your next home renovation;

1.       The Bar

This vibe is all about great conversations, amazing companions, good times. All you need for a barn-inspired home bar is a chalkboard wall, a wood slab counter, a few vintage wire lighting and bar stools. Perfect for basements or man cave settings.

2.       Bar in a Cabinet

This home bar is kept away from plain sight but is nearby and handy when situations call for a celebration, a party or just a relaxing sip before bed. The cabinet is already complete with a bar cooler, a wine rack and shelves for storage.

3.       Grey Elegance

Modern, elegant and posh. This well-designed home bar takes only about two meters of your kitchen wall space, it is well-appointed that it already includes a couple of coolers, ample wine racks, storage drawers, shelves and service countertop. The understated light grey tone highlights the luxurious marble splash back.

4.       Floating Bottle Storage

Amazing and interesting! A perfect wine bottle storage for the modern minimalist home. This great design also doubles as a room divider. The silver or chrome bars give an edgy look. You can also use wood bars for a more rustic vibe.

5.       The Pallet Bar

You don’t need to spend a fortune for a home bar. This DIY recycled pallet bar is easy to assemble and will only cost you the pallets, a few nails and a weekend to work on. Simply clean and sand the pallets, put them together, add some colourful lighting and the drinks. You’re ready to party!

6.       Pull-Out Drawers

This mini home bar gets a big plus for its convenient design. Making up for its size, the pull-out drawers optimize the available storage space without sacrificing convenience. The bottom drawer for the tall bottles, the top drawer for shorter ones and the upper shelves for glasses, carafes and other bar implements. It even has a service and prep counter!

7.       Under the Stairs

Put that awkward space under your stairs to great use. A home bar is just perfect! The black granite countertop sets the moody vibe, while the red brick wall brings the rustic and charming look. Completing the bar are shelves for the bottles, mood lights and a spacious cooler.

8.       Chic Nook

Why go out when you can enjoy your favourite drink from your own chic home bar? Bring your friend over instead and have the party in the house! Chic and modern, the look includes a brick wall, a marble counter, a couple of black metal bar stools and an amazing and impressive customised metal wall storage.

9.       Marbled Opulence

For those who aren’t afraid to party in the light, this bright and magnificent home bar is for you! The white, grey and several shades in between complement the luxurious marble wall and counters. Complete the posh look with chrome bar stools and crystal pendant lights.

10.   Tuscan Cellar

Peaceful, charming and pastoral. Just like the warm air where the best wines come from. The cool chamber recreates the Tuscan air with its cement slab walls, wood shelves and the rustic wine barrel stand. The open ceiling provides the light. The ceiling wood slats, metal bottle holders and clean carpentry give the room a modern look.

11.   All in the Wall

This home bar also doubles as wall décor. With smaller homes, home bar ideas and designs have become more creative. Save up on floor space by installing your home bar on the wall. Great idea for bachelor pads and smaller mancaves. Box shelves serve as storage, counters and lighting base. Use your creativity to design the best wall home bar fit for your taste and personality.

12.   Rustic Industrial

Combine the rugged vibe of the Wild West with the warmth of rustic charm. The bare concrete floors, brick walls and wood panelled ceilings all give strong impressions of bucolic hospitality and good times. The vintage wood and metal bar, vintage light and old-school bar stool drive in the industrial look.

13.   Well-Lit

Modern, opulent and striking. This in-wall cabinet home bar is well-designed for efficiency and style. When the inside lights are lit, the bar is bright against the matte black wall, turn off the lights, the bar is obscured by the tinted glass walls. The lower portion of the bar is a cooler, while the upper shelves serve as storage and a prep counter.

14.   Ice Bucket Add-on

Nothing like an ice bucket filled with ice and drinks proclaims a party! Don’t bother transforming your bathtub or kitchen sink into a party ice bucket, just install one in your home bar. This modern and space-efficient home bar setup includes a mirror splashback, a cooler, a few box shelves and edgy black drop lights.

15.   A Garden Bar

Bring the party outdoors with this cool garden bar. Perfect for pool parties or just lounging in your deck or garden and enjoying a few drinks, alone, with your significant other or with friends. Complete with coolers, box wine shelves, a bar and a pair of barrel buckets, one for ice and the other one used as a planter for your favourite cocktail herb or spice.

16.   The Great Divider

Compact and accessible. Enjoy your favourite drink quick and easy with this kitchen island home bar. Bottle slots on the bottom half and a spacious shelve on top for all your bar accoutrements. One of the best home bar ideas and designs for apartments or smaller homes.

17.   DIY Wall Bar

This mini home bar has everything you need to fix and enjoy your favourite drinks, but without eating off precious floor space. Ideal for a second and more convenient home bar – in the bedroom or game room. You’ll need a few wood pallets, some sandpaper and nails and a day to work on it.  

18.   Lounge with a View

Turn your balcony, window room or verandah into this amazing home bar. The bar is installed on one side of the room – complete with a sink, cooler, shelves and storage cabinets. The dark wood and black combi contrast the white overall theme and the brightness coming from the wide glass window. With the sofa set against the wall and nesting tables, space is maximised.

19.   Party in a Barrel

Cool, novel and fun idea! This bar in a barrel is best for smaller homes or apartments, and for bigger homes but would want several bars around the house. As is, the rustic barrel is an interesting home accent, open it up and the party begins.

20.   The Racks

This minimalist bar is functional, attractive and well-designed. Choose a good nook for your bar and change your mind or your home design, you can relocate this bar easily. Just move the wine rack bar to where the party is.

21.   Between Planting and Wining

This garden-inspired home bar is refreshing, trendy and fun! Build a home bar that will satisfy your need for both gardening and enjoying your favourite cocktail. Equipped with a sink, a cooler, lots of counter space and a chic black metal shelving. Your guests will enjoy just lounging in this beautiful room.

22.   A Nook Bar

Bright and charming, compact and accessible. Turn an awkward corner or a nook into this very practical and cosy home bar. It includes a wine cooler, a drawer, a cabinet, a small counter and a couple of shelves. More than enough to provide you and your guests the refreshments you’ll need all day.

23.   The Cocktail Pantry

For people who love to entertain at home, this huge cocktail pantry is a must. You can build this in the kitchen, in the basement or game room and even in the hallway. Wine coolers below and storage shelves above. The middle shelf serves as the prep counter. You can close up the pantry with sliding glass doors.

24.   Kitchen Wall

No space for a home bar? No problem! This mini home bar is just a kitchen wall. With a wood counter you can fold down when not in use and in wall shelves for storage, the home takes zero floor space and very minimal shelf space. You’ll love its accessible location too!

25.   Coolers and Dispensers

A very practical and efficient home bar setup. Built into a cosy corner, the bar includes a couple of coolers, some shelves, a bottle opener, a wood slab counter and a wall-mounted liquor dispenser. These home bar ideas and designs have all you need.

26.   Sleek Minimalist

Modern, sleek and striking! This edgy and trendy home bar doesn’t need much décor to captivate. A black island, sleek wood panel wall that hides cabinets, edgy dome pendant lights, metal bar stools and a mirror-backed display shelf. Simply impressive!

27.   Glassed in Wine Room

Bright, ultra-modern, arresting and posh. When you want a separate wine room but still want it very much part of the house, this glassed-in wine room is for you. The wine racks on two sides of the room screen off direct view, while one wall serves as the counter and storage area.

28.   Party Lights

This corner home bar is well-appointed, complete and efficient. The open box shelf serves as storage and showcase for your bottles and glassware. The counter below includes a couple of coolers, while the one in front serves as the bar and includes a sink. Complete the look with amazing party lights!

29.   Enduring Classic

This classy home bar is sophisticated, graceful and timeless. This style will endure trends, go across home styles and fit into many people’s personalities and tastes. The black nook includes X box bottle shelves, shelves, a prep counter, some drawers and a cooler. To brighten up the look, decorate the bar with wine glasses, decanters and silver buckets and trays.

30.   Outdoor Pallet Bar

Complete your backyard party scene with this outdoor pallet bar. Made entirely of wood pallets, the small yet extensive home bar includes a sink, a beer dispenser, a wall-mounted liquor dispenser and shelves for glasses and more bottles. You can easily close up shop when the party is over.

31.   A Secret Stash

Hidden home bar ideas and designs are popular. This is a very accessible yet discreet home bar. Easily hide your home bar with a fake wall that doubles as a cabinet door. This fake wall hides a complete handy home bar that includes an elegant service counter, dozens of your favourite drinks and enough glasses for you and your guests.

32.   Modern Side Bar

A modern side home bar is best for the dining room, hallway and for smaller basements and party rooms. The home bar features a counter, a cooler, bottle rack and a couple of bar stools. Very notable are the wall accents of wood cubes and a black panel, highlighted by several spotlights. Cool!

33.   Patio Party Room

Turn your patio into a party or chill zone by adding a home bar. This glass-encased patio includes a mini bar that can serve your favourite drink without you running to the kitchen. The geometric design of the bar is picked up by the very interesting floor detail. Add some vintage glass dome pendant lights, a couple of mid-century modern chairs for the refreshing outdoorsy vibe.

34.   Portable Minibar

This personal mini bar is big enough to hold your favourite stash of drinks and small enough to for you to move it as much as you want. Bring it with you to the bedroom, the living room and even to the bathroom! Convenience is served!

35.   Rustic Mancav

Urbane, rustic, impressive. The wood panel walls, massive wood beam, vintage bar stools and the galvanized iron sheet enclosed lights deliver a strong, active and vibrant personality. While the tile collage splash back and anchor décor show a creative side.


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Hair Salon Design and Plans



Hair Salon Design and Plans

Here is a technical guide for a hair salon design

space planning and furniture arrangement, a practical example with 3D model.

hair salon design requires technical and organizational factors that make the project a real challenge.

Hair Salon Design and Plans

That’s why it is necessary to consider design rules but also to adopt the proper marketing techniques to achieve effective solutions in terms of furniture and space arrangement.

Some important aspects to consider to correctly design a hair salon are:

·          interior space planning

·          furniture arrangement

Hair salon design


Hair salon design: interior space arrangement

Interior spaces arrangement is fundamental when planning a hair salon and will require that certain regulations and standards are met, especially regarding plant installation systems (hydraulic and electrical). In fact, a correct planning should guarantee customer’s comfort and wellness as well as facilitating work activities.

A hair salon can be divided into 3 main areas:

1.  entrance – reception / cash desk /waiting area

2.  work area – hair wash /hair cut-styling

3.  services  – wc / salon storage

Hair salon design


Space should be organized in order to accommodate the reception area, the cash desk and the waiting room. The cash desk area should also be conceived and organized for displaying and selling hair products with proper shelves. this is usually accomplished by placing a shelf dedicated to displaying the products behind it. Waiting room is a very important space that creates the image of the whole hair salon.

Work area

Hair wash

When designing this area, it is necessary to take into consideration at least 2 specific pieces of furniture known as “backwashing” and, in case, a platform or a raised part, which facilitates staff work. Furnishings should be completed with shelving for storing various products, such as shampoos, lotions, tools and towels.

Hair wash

 Lighting is also very important to facilitate the work of the staff: an ideal solution is a spotlight system.

Cut/hair styling station

This area is the core of the salon, where the hairdresser shows off his skills and the client checks the results in the mirror. That is why when designing this area, special attention should be paid to the electrical installation system. Direct lighting should be avoided and you should rather opt for a diffused lighting, which does not create unpleasant shadows.

This area should be provided with at least 3/4 styling chairs and as many mirrors and furniture:

·          wall -mounted furniture (recommended for smaller environments)

·          island units (for very large environments and more refined and sophisticated customers).

This area can also be used for complementary activities such as beauticians, cosmetologists, manicurists, etc

·          Services


It is an area that must be compulsory provided in a public place.

Sizes depend on the number of people who can be present at the same time in the salon and by national regulatory requirements. It should be accessible from the inside and a washing facility should also be provided.

Ancillary rooms

The ancillary rooms are environments used to store work tools and equipment, treatment products, cleaning tools, etc. This is sized also according to working needs and in respect of the various national and local requirements.

Hair salon furniture

Furniture plays a key role and it is the element that better represents the character and style of the owner/hairdresser. In addition, it is determined by addressing a specific target customer and to guarantee well-being and comfort.

Furnishing elements should be divided according to the functional areas.

Waiting room: waiting chair, waiting couch and coffee table

Customers who are waiting their turn, should be “treated” with special care. This means that furniture must be designed not only to match the style of the whole place but also that seats must guarantee a sense of comfort. Also, you should find space for a small coffee table for drinks and magazines.

Cash desk/reception: counter and display shelf

The cash desk area is to be considered not only an area for payment, but also for reception. Furnishings should therefore be chosen in order to make a good impact on the customer and at the same time encourage purchasing. That is why it is useful to provide also a counter or wall-mounted display shelves and the proper accent lighting to draw the customer’s attention to the salon display.

Washing points and shelves

It is an extremely functional area, for this reason, it should be extremely organized and it is necessary to install hair washing furniture and shelves for treatment products and towels to allow smooth activities and flows.

Work area (styling station area): wall-mounted or island furniture, mirror and seats

Another functional area that represents the identity of the place and enhances its aesthetics. The wall-mounted or island furniture should be arranged to help staff working without obstacles. Lighting can enhance every single step of a customer journey (especially in presence of mirrors) and daily tasks.

Hair salon design: a practical example

Our practical case study describes a hair salon of around 100 m² designed to have a vintage style and having old barber salons as reference. The floor plan includes the following environments:

reference. The floor plan includes the following environments:

·          entrance

·          salon

·          storage room

·          separate toilets

European regulations for hairdresser lead to the following guidelines:

·          rooms with constant height ≥ 2.70 m

·          hygiene services room height ≥ 2.40m

·          hallways height ≥ 2.10 m

·          surface for ventilation ≥ 1/10 floor area (if not possible, mechanical ventilation should be envisaged)

·          a service room that envisages a single employee should be at least 15 m² and it will increase by 5 m² for each additional employee

·          facility floors must have a homogenous and washable surface


The entrance is divided into 2 areas, one for the cash desk and the one for the waiting room. The first one is furnished with a reception desk designed both for arriving and for leaving customers; behind it there is a display shelf for products. The waiting area gives a sense of relax and comfort to the customer. In the middle, we can find two couches with a coffee table.


The salon is also divided into 2 main areas, providing separate services to female and male customers. Each section is divided into 2 other areas: one for washing and one for cutting / styling.

A raised platform has been mounted in the shampoo area for the staff to better perform their tasks. Furthermore, 2 partition walls have been arranged orthogonally together with a product dispensary.

The area for cutting / styling has been set up with 3 workstations.


Toilets and washing facility are separated by gender. A great attention was paid to meet the needs of disabled people.

things to keep in mind for a hair salon design

1.  Divide the environment into different areas, arranging them in a functional manner

2.  Define the functions for each different area

3.  Size areas according to standard provisions

4.  Ensure that certain levels of comfort are met

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